Thursday, January 3, 2013

Home Made Bread is Best!

     For health reasons I make all of our bread. Yep. It actually grind the wheat in an old Magic Mill stone grinder and mix the bread myself. But I don't kneed it by hand. For that I use the biggest, baddest mixer I can find. Up till about a week before Christmas this year, that was a Kitchen Aid. It bravely kneeded the massive amounts of bread dough for two years before giving up. It had stripped its gears. The poor thing was brand new only two years ago. I guess it wasn't made for that kind of abuse. Yes - bread once in a while, but cakes and cookies mostly. 

   After several days of research I found a machine that is made for bread specifically. Ahhh. That sounds like what I need, I thought. It is called the Assistant DLX Magic Mill or the Electrolux. We found a used one on ebay. I wasn't too excited about it. Used? I wanted new! I would rather pay more and get a better machine. But my husband explained that if it is in working order, an older model may be better. "Things used to be made with stainless steel, not plastic like today," he explained.

   Happily, the older one was also half the price too. (About $400 compared to over $700.) Well, fine, I thought, He's the one who is going to have to buy me a new one if he is wrong. So today it came. It certainly looked industrial. Plenty of stainless steel but not exactly a beauty queen. OK, I thought, I'll give it a try.

   I admit I was skeptical. But I have to admit it worked beautifully! Right now the smell of bread is wafting through our house while 4 beautiful loaves of bread bake in our oven. Mmmmm.


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